Nail your Handstand

Yoga teachers and power couple David and Danielle Coulibaly share their six tips for getting upside down and nailing your handstand practice.

 #1  Confidence

Redefine your impossible, you must believe to achieve.

 #2  Playfulness

Let go of frustrations or impatience and have fun with it. Take it outside, on the grass or the sand and start enjoying the journey.

 #3  Handbrakes 

Bring more weight into your fingertips and squeeze the earth. Your fingertips are your brake pads and will help to stop you from going too far over.

 #4  Straight Arms

Sounds obvious, but even a slight bend will reduce airtime. Keep your arms straight and push the floor away, bringing your shoulders towards your ears.

 #5  Core Galore

Keep your ribs pulling in and core engaged at all times. Your core plays a pivotal role in helping with body alignment and stability while inverted.

#6 Breathe

It’s common to hold your breath and hope for the best, but it won’t keep you up for long. Breathing helps you stay relaxed and focused.

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