Confidence in Teaching

Yoga teacher and mentor, Leanne Raab, has been teaching for over 18 years. Here she shares her 5 tips for finding your authentic voice as a teacher.

 #1  Make friends with your fear

No matter how confident others may look to you, fear is something we all feel. 

Fear isn’t something to be ashamed of. By acknowledging it and allowing it to be there, I find my fear often starts to dissolve.

 #2 Stay in your lane

As tempting and easy as it can be to compare yourself to the host of shiny teachers out there on social media, refrain from it – it’ll do nothing for your confidence. Reign your attention inward, without the noise of others.

 #3  Remember your “why” 

Whether you’re a new teacher feeling scared to start teaching, or an experienced teacher creating a new offering, putting yourself out there can feel confronting. 

Rather than dwelling on how others might judge you, remember your “why” and focus on how you may be helping someone else.

 #4  Embrace imperfection

As a self-confessed perfectionist, take it from me: perfect doesn’t exist. 

As yoga teachers we might believe we need to uphold a perfect image (hello imposter syndrome)! When my words slip up at times or I admit to an injury, my whole teaching vibe lifts and the classes has a little more magic.

 #5 Rest

If teaching is your main gig, you’re pushing your body constantly – practicing, teaching, planning and demonstrating. Give yourself permission to rest and fill up your own cup often.

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