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The future of wellness

Our vision

Welcome to BodyMindLife Online. This project is about bringing global wellness and teaching communities together. We are focused on the educator and the student and believe that new technologies such as Web 3, NFT’s and DAO will ignite a global change.

This is happening now and we are excited to introduce you to this new way. In our world the balance of power has shifted back to the teacher – for so long the digital platforms have been taking so much from the content creators and our vision is to reverse that trend.

What makes us different

Teachers are paid per view – this is currently about $2 per hour of content viewed.

The teachers determine the amount they charge per view and you the viewer can choose what teacher and content you wish to follow.

Using the power of Web 3, NFT’s and DAO, our ULTIMATE goal is for the community to own and control this community and we are pumped to make it happen.

The Creator Economy Evolution

SaaS Platforms are all about maximising value capture at all levels and keeping everything inside their closed garden.

Whereas Web3 platforms are designed to leverage the power of community and generate value for those who participate.

Excited? Confused?

More details about NFT memberships and other exciting things coming soon.

Join our waitlist to hear about it first.

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We are in the process of launching our online community using discord.