Teams @ Work with BodyMindLife Online

Empowering Your Teams' Transformation

Encourage your team to grow and transform together anytime, anywhere. With BodyMindLife Online, your team will have unlimited access to a full suite of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Mindfulness classes and tutorials geared to any experience level. Our platform has been designed to help your team members prioritise their well being and make the most of their most precious resource – time.

Why Does It Matter?

Mental ill-health is costing Australian businesses between $11 and $12 billion dollars each year. Supporting your team's well being isn’t a “nice to have”, it's a necessity.

What We Do?

BodyMindLife Online lets teams prioritise workplace well being, with no frills or hidden costs. We want your team to find balance in life and work. Our mission is that our students thrive on and off the mat.

Find out more on how to set up your workplace with BodyMindLife Online

What Are The Benefits?

In and outside of the office, teams that have legitimate well being support programs for their members experience a range of benefits.

1-  Improved productivity and feelings of job satisfaction when employees feel supported and seen in corporations both large and small.
2-  Reducing the churn and burn of great talent and those employees seeking out engaging and supportive workplaces.
3-  Helping businesses bottom line, by mitigating the impacts of sick days, training costs and stunted workflow.
4-  Smashing stigmas attached to mental illness and burnout within teams, and therefore boosting staff retention.

How is BodyMindLife Online Different?

Australian owned and operated, we are challenging your team members to transform their body, mind and life. We are for the everyday student! Led by some of the country’s leading teachers, our platform houses classes from a diverse range of modalities geared towards ensuring any student can thrive physically and mentally anytime, anywhere.

How you can work with us?

We believe that every team’s well being should be supported. That’s why we have developed two ways that your team can join our community, no matter your team’s size, scale and level of physical experience. 

Option 1: Usage Model

Give your team the gift of unlimited access to our platform for free. We can set your workplace with a competitive usage model. A ‘pay per view’ structure so you’ll be billed monthly based on when your team members practice.

Usage model benefits:

Who’s this for?

This model is perfect for large scale organisations and teams willing to support the ongoing well being of permanent team members.

Option 2: Discount Model

With no lock-in commitments, share a unique code with your team members so they can flow anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re wanting to offer it company-wide or just to a select few teams, we have the perfect solution to help support your workplace well being without any financial ask from you.

Discount model benefits:

Who’s this for?

Does your team include multiple contractors, casual or offshore members, this model allows you to offer platform access at no cost to you. 

Find out more on how to set up your workplace with BodyMindLife Online

Setting your Workplace up with BodyMindLife Online

What happens next?

We’ll provide a welcome email for you to share with your team. This will include: 

Setting your Workplace up with BodyMindLife Online

Where to Start?

What else do I need to know?

Terms & Conditions

Usage Model:

1-   *$200 minimum spend for each monthly billing.
2-   Cancellation requests must be sent via email to and will be terminated immediately. You will receive a final invoice for any outstanding views.

Discount Model:

BodyMindLife Online will send monthly emails that require confirmation of each users employment and access to the platform
1-  After 2 weeks with no confirmation, access will be suspended.