Self Care

Beth Borowsky has been practicing yoga for thirty-five years and teaching it for sixteen. Beth shares her five tips for a self-care routine that’s unshakable, even in the most chaotic of times.

#1 Move

Commit to daily exercise that feels manageable and nourishing – a walk, a yoga class (online with me 😆), a run – anything that YOU enjoy is key.

#2 Be Still

Set aside time each day to be still and focus on taking ten slow and mindful breaths to help shift your nervous system from flight and flight to rest and digest.

 #3 Unplug 

Detox from your devices as much as possible. Set aside time each day to fully disconnect from your screen and re-connect to yourself or your loved ones.

 #4 Retreat 

Gift yourself with rest – soak in a bubble bath, laze in the sunshine, or nourish your body with my neck release class to leave you feeling restored and relaxed.

 #5 Good Company

Surround yourself with people who brighten your spirit. Be conscious of who inspires your energy and who drains it.

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