A note from our Founders - 7th October

Before the pandemic had hit in March 2020, we had the desire to provide teachers with greater and more accessible opportunities to connect with their students through an online platform, which stretches beyond the ties to a physical yoga studio. COVID-19 had accelerated the idea and in March 2021, we created BodyMindLife Online – a platform to build a community marketplace by enabling relationships between teachers and students. Neither are bound by a studio model, a specific location, a time constraint or certain style of teaching. Instead, everyone is empowered to explore their unique passions, together. 

This past month has been a reflective period in listening to our community’s feedback about their platform experiences whilst ideating on how we continue to evolve and grow BodyMindLife Online. We’re committed to: bringing a more personalised approach to your practice; expanding our content library; and extending our community globally, so your experiences as students on the platform can continue to improve. 

We’re equally as committed to supporting our teachers with access to tools, resources and a fair remuneration model. The last few months have seen the success of teachers adopting an alternative way that both enables them to share their passions with students and experience an additional income stream. It’s an accessible model we’re excited to take abroad to a plethora of teachers around the world. We also launched a teacher hub allowing teachers to better understand the performance behind their published content, which helps them make more informed decisions in creating relevant classes for our students. 

We have learned a lot about our community since our official launch just over three months ago and we’re proud to see the start to our vision come to life with the support of both our teachers and students. Here are some things we’ve been able to achieve together as a community since launch day, 21st June.

#1 Our BodyMindLife Online Platform has streamed over 40,000 classes.

We’re not stopping here. We’re working to bring you a greater diversity and depth in content, coupled with personalised experiences, so you can explore and connect to what you love.

#2  We have welcomed 49 teachers to the platform, 10 of whom are outside Australia, with a lineup of more local and international teachers to come. 

With an expansion in teachers comes an expansion in our community. We believe our platform empowers people to discover their vibe and find their tribe.

#3  For every class you take, your teacher gets paid, even those on a free trial. BodyMindLife Online has paid our teachers over $60,000.

We believe in building a community where students are supported and teachers are rewarded. It’s at the heart of what we do, and it’s what sets us apart.

We’re only just getting started, so thank you for being part of the BodyMindLife Online journey.

Phil & Pete,
BodyMindLife Online Co-Founders.

7 October 2021