Membership questions

Yes! You have a 7-day free trial period when you you sign up for a BML Online membership. Your credit card won’t be charged during this time and you can cancel at anytime by managing your subscription in your profile.

$59 AUD/month, US$39, GB30, EU34

Access to all bodymindlife.online classes, excluding Direct Coach classes.

No. You can cancel at anytime from your profile and you will have continued access for the remaining monthly subscription period.

Yes. All current fortnightly and annual BodyMindLife Members have access to the online platform.

Yes, it automatically renews each month.

From bodymindlife.online, please go to Profile > Your subscription > Update billing details

From bodymindlife.online please go to Profile > Your subscription > Update billing details

Teachers and Content

Weekly. We encourage all teachers to upload two (2) new classes each week.

Reach out to them in the studio or through social media and let them know you’d like to see them online!

We are focused on bringing you the best Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Mindfulness classes. As our platform grows, so will our class offering.

Teachers are paid on a weekly basis, earning money from each time you watch their content.
You can also use their promo code when you sign up, seeing a portion of your membership payment go directly towards the teachers.

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Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Application process

Visit our teacher home page for more information here and submit an application to be part of our platform.

Once your teacher profile has been created you will receive a link to set up a Stripe Account/connect your current Stripe account to our payment system.

We’ll have our team review your application and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with approval or feedback.

Filming Content

The platform gives you the freedom to create and share the class content that you are passionate about. It should also engage and inspire your students!

If you love watching beginners nail their foundations perhaps you hone in on some key tips to make the process easier.
If you are crazy about arm balances, maybe it’s a four part series building through a series of peak poses.
In love with philosophy? Weave that into your flow.

Following the approval of your application process, you should received a unique Dropbox link to upload any content you wish to be published. You will also need to fill out this form for each class you submit (so we know how to classify and describe your class on the website).

Our research shows that sharing 2 classes a week results in the highest student engagement.

Mapping out classes for 2-4 weeks and recording them in a block increases efficiency, as you only have to set up once.
You can also upload multiple classes in one hit, add descriptions, and tell us the date each class should go live.

1-2 days after approval (or when you can schedule ahead).
If your videos contain poor quality audio or visuals, or inappropriate content like nudity or offensive language they will not be approved.

Revenue and payment structure

Teacher payment structure page coming soon

Teacher payment structure page coming soon.
Note: The base is set on a 60 minute video. If your video is only 30 minutes, then 50% of the 60 minute rate will be applied.

Teacher payment structure page coming soon.

If you do not currently have a Stripe account you can set one up here at: https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

You get paid weekly by Stripe for views, and Referrals are done once the payment has been done by the Student.

Contact support@bodymindlife.online, but also double check your stripe account to ensure all your details are accurate when we process your payments.

You will need to manage this through your Stripe account.

No, unfortunately to keep payments secure and efficient, everything needs to be managed through Stripe.

Content ownership

The content is your IP – intellectual property – and is owned by you. We are facilitating as a carrier.

Contact the online support team to delete your class video if you need to. They will also delete the file, so make sure you have a copy if you think you’ll need it in the future.

Classes will automatically expire after 2 months on the platform.

Links to your class can only be accessed by students who have logged in and paid. Links are only valid for 90 minutes.

Not without your permission. You will be asked to sign a release waiver for any photo or video we wish to use.

No strings attached. Come onto the platform at anytime, film content when you can and take a break whenever you need to. You accept our terms and conditions when you apply.

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